Queen's Apocalyptic Album Cover Scared Me As A Kid

I had the same reaction as Family Guy's Stewie when my father showed me the cover for Queen's News Of The World. I don't even think my father showed it to me, as much as I found it rummaging through his bag on the way home. I remember pulling it out and having the living shit SCARED out of me! The same way Stewie gets scared and rolls out of bed in this video. I think I may have even cried. Though I was compelled to keep looking at the freaky robot crushing mankind. WTF? So you could see how I laughed out loud when I saw this episode last night.

I was attracted to records and loved looking at all the incredible covers, like Elton John's Captain Fantastic, which never scared me half as much.

But for some reason this gate-fold artwork of a robot apocalypse will never leave my mind. Funny how we all experience similar things in life.

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