Astronautalis "The River, The Woods"

While most rap continues to glorify "money, cash, hos," Astronautalis chooses to challenge the listener, with songs like "The River, The Woods."

I know it seems like we're all lost, we see the secrets, we know the unknown/Know the unknown/Know the unknown
Keep close, hold my hand now, just be strong/We can follow this river right back to your home/Back to your home/Back to your home

"The River, The Woods" has become my theme song once again. I can't get it out of my head since the night I left Schuba's, over a week ago now. The brooding masterpiece is still haunting me. There are certain songs that define an artist just like certain paintings would a painter. "The River, The Woods" is that piece of work. It produces a flood of emotions by internalizing the struggles we all go through in life. When performed live: it flings fans into a frenzy of fist pumping and frolic. The intense lyrical content is key, but equally important is the tone they are delivered in. Precise pieces of poetry, delivered in tongue-twisting pantomime. It begs to be heard live, the recorded version doesn't do it justice.

That is why we go to see our favorite artists in person. We hope we can learn more about them, and get closer to our heroes. Astronautalis draws you in and builds you up. The show is high energy and the songs leave you wanting more from life. They leave you inspired, and that is why you should see him live. He's humble, friendly, and makes you feel like you're part of the show.

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