Would You Buy Vinyl Just Because It Looks Cool?


I'm thinking I want to!  Polyvinyl Records continues to amaze with their glorious colors! This Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin record looks so pristine, I want to hold it and then hear it. They have been dazzling folks the last few years with some really cool records, which are very limited. I have the desire to buy things I don't even like now, just for the vinyl. Is that strange? Would you buy a band's record that you wouldn't normally listen to, just for some cool colored plates?

Now how about cassettes?


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  • Man, i definitely have started to buy vinyl again. It's the cover art that gets me. But usually only bands i'm into. Just grabbed Floyd's Animals and Meddle on some killer deals and was super stoked.

  • I've never heard Meddle, I need to listen sometime.

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