The Dirty Heads - Cabin By the Sea (Official Music Video)

I love this song. Simply put, it's a cross between Sublime and 311, with a ton of originality. But mostly, it's just a great pop song, with some hip hop flavor. The great thing is the hook, that's the part that lingers in my head for days.

"Our friends are all around, and the storm was a no show/Said we look better in the black and white photo."

I've gone back to check out their first record Any Port In A Storm, as I've killed their latest effort.

"The album is dying, despite what the aged and the Luddites and the labels that make their profits from them have to say. Because they're a bad fit for today's listeners. No one's got that much time to waste. No one wants to hear that much bad music. No one wants to listen to your album ten times to get it. That's what we did when we had no cash and could only afford one disc, play it ad infinitum, now we just play what's phenomenal." @Lefsetz

This album, Cabin By The Sea, is phenomenal! And I've listened to it well over ten times! The Dirty Heads are still perfecting the art of the LP, and for that, you must listen.

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