Our Baby Girl Is 8 Months Old!


Hard to believe, but our pride and joy has just turned 8 months. Last time I wrote about her she was less than two months old and very constipated.  I figured it's time for an update.

Abby is very healthy considering she was 5 weeks early. I barely knew how to feed or hold her. Now, I can't feed her enough milk, and she's digging baby food as well. I also realized she won't break, and she bends quite easy.

I am home alone with her from 2-6pm each day, and we are taking walks everywhere. She is my best friend. When I'm having a bad day she makes me smile. When I'm tired, she gets me up; in a hurry! There is no greater gift  I have ever received in this lifetime than Abs.

She also has a million nicknames, like Abs. Which has morphed into Fabs. Then it was Fabby, and sometimes it's Gabby (she talks to herself, and screams a lot, she is a very happy baby). I started to call her my little Gal, which quickly turned to Gals, and now I call her Gally, which I say in a very high-pitched tone.

People told me I would never love anything as much as my daughter, and they were right. She has made me a better man, and a better person. She gives me hope, and she gives us happiness we never thought possible.

She is nothing short of fabulous.

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