Josh Rouse Performs @ The City Winery

The City Winery itself is a gorgeous venue. Whether you want to eat, drink, or catch some live music, you can do it all at this place in style. The owners spared no expense, and I would love to go back sometime, just to eat and drink, both of those experiences at the City Winery were perfect.

The problem with the live music, is the eating and drinking. Forks clanging, wine glasses chiming, and people ordering all sorts of smelly a concert? Yes, this happened. Also, there is no standing, so most of the time your view of the stage is compromised by people hunched over the long table in front of you, eating and talking. It was one of the weirdest concert experiences I have been part of, and I'm not sure if I would do it again. Maybe for a jazz show, but for Josh Rouse, this was awkward.

Anyway, Josh was great. He seemed tired from the constant touring, but still played a full set. Click this link to see the whole set list.

Here were a few of my favorites: Dressed Up Like Nebraska, Come Back, Sunshine, Its Looks Like Love, Quiet Town, Hollywood Bass Player, and Love Vibration


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