Trayvon Martin Found Guilty? Or George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty?

I usually write about the excitement of finding great music in the bargain bins. But after the verdict came down last night in the Trevon Marton/George Zimmerman trial, I like everybody else, had an opinion, and I wanted to write about that opinion.

But, "It's not your opinion that matters" my wife reminded me. It's the opinions of the jury that matter. "They had the burden of proof, and they made their decision based on what they heard or had seen in court." As you can see, she's a lot more level headed than me.

My wife is an attorney who has argued both sides of the law.  "This is the system we have in place and it came down to the information each side offered." The cynic in me felt like Trayvon Martin was found guilty, simply because George Zimmerman was found not guilty, and this pissed me off.

"You can't have it both ways," I said. "No," she said, "you can." The jury just wasn't given the right information to prove it was more than "self defense" being perpetrated by George Zimmerman.

"If anybody should be held responsible, it's the prosecution," she said, and I did agree. We both agreed that, either way, a person is dead, that's the biggest problem here. It's not black, or white, it's life and death. One of the people wasn't there to defend himself because he is now dead.  That's the biggest problem. Somebody should be held accountable, in some way, for that loss of life.

Rapper Mac Miller tweeted this about Zimmerman as he smiled and shook hands with his attorneys: "You killed somebody, why are you smiling?" George Zimmerman is guilty of shooting Trayvon Martin, we know that much. From that point on the decision is in the hands of the jury (that those attorneys hand picked), and the rest of us deemed helpless.

NOTE: Keep in mind Chicago, concealed carry is coming to a theater near you.




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