"Live From Daryl's House" The Dirty Heads Redo Rich Girl

I have been digging the show "Live From Daryl's House" for the last few years now, so I'm glad Palladia picked it up, so we can finally watch it on TV. It looks and sounds much better on my big screen than it did on my PC. Daryl Hall's free monthly web show started in late 2007, after he had the idea of "playing with my friends and putting it up on the Internet." What a great idea.

Many of the bands that perform at his house are favorites of mine, and I look forward to watching the magic that's created when they jam with Daryl and his amazing house band.
Till this point I had never previously heard of The Dirty Heads. Since seeing them perform with "D," I have become a huge fan.

I love what they did with "Rich Girl" and Daryl did as well. You can see how happy they are at the end of the jam session for proof. He's not afraid of change, and it shows. His songs are open to interpretation, and that's what makes "Live From Daryl's House" work so well. Tivo/DVR this show, it's so great to watch.

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