Grumpy Troll's TrailSide Wheat, Now A LakeSide Sour?

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An old bomber of "Trailside Wheat" from Grumpy Troll was lost in the bowels of my beer fridge.  It was quickly rescued, and taken to the emergency room (in my kitchen), where it was operated on, opened and saved.  By saved I mean, drank.

"Our Hefeweizen has a very appealing fruity flavor and aroma resembling banana, sweet apple and pear. AbV 6.5% 30 IBUs."

What was once a refreshing wheat, now reflects some sort of sour.  Very tart to the tongue, initially, but ending with a crisp, clean finish. I was quite surprised. I thought there would be no taste, and that this beer would be DOA. But, there was at least two fingers of head on top, and poured an orange color. It was a refreshing drink.

I used to go to brew pubs and buy every style of beer they bottled. Now I just buy the styles I like. This way the won't get lost in the shuffle, I'll know what I'm drinking, and I'll like what I'm drinking.  But in the case of this Trailside Wheat, and that Aprihop I had last week, I can't be too upset with the purchase.  By accident, they both ended up tasting good, though I waited years to drink them.  This is not always the case.


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