4 Year Old DogfishHead Aprihop Turned Nut Brown?


I went looking in my beer fridge for something good to drink, and I came across this four year old Dogfish Head Aprihop. The label had fallen off, and was sitting around the bottom of this bottle in the back of the top shelf. I brought it upstairs and laughed at myself for waiting too long to drink this puppy. But, much to my chagrin, this beer has morphed into something amazing, almost an anomaly.

It began as an India Pale Ale. One that was hopped quite well ("After fermentation, the beer is dry hopped with irresponsible amounts of Amarillo hops."), with a ton of apricots. Hence the name, Aprihop. Now, after almost four years in a fridge, it's a whole new animal!
At first it tasted malty but I mistook that for a creamy caramel syrup. If you swoosh it around your mouth while breathing through your nose, you can taste the alcohol but faintly. This IPA now seems dressed up as a brown. Think "nut brown ale." If it were in IPA form still, think along the lines of a faded Hopdinger from O'so Brewing.


This is one of the coolest changes I have found in a cellared beer yet. It's exacerbating to say the least. I think I have truly become a beer geek. The nose has a roasted chocolate caramel, pop corn flavor. You can't make this up, honestly.
Still savoring every sip, and towards the end it's reminding me of a bock; lighter than a brown. Sometimes I have held on to beers too long, or lost track of one in the beer fridge. When I finally got around to drinking it, the taste was underwhelming. This 2009 ApriHop defied all logic, changing into something better or equal to its counterpart. Very good indeed! Still a ton of head on the final pour, and an overriding effervescent vanilla bean flavor. This is one for the books!


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