Murs Reigns Supreme On Spring Tour @ Abbey Pub

Been scratching a lot of things off the "To Do" list lately. Murs is another one of those things that, in the back of my mind, I have been meaning to check off for years. Call him the working man's rapper, matter of fact, call him the most legit MC around. But don't call him lazy. Dude, has been slugging it out for a long time on the solo tip, and with many others like, well, Slug (scope the "Felt" project) in the past, and as of late, with Fashawn.

He popped into the Abbey Pub this spring to do a show I would call unforgettable. Murs for president felt like the slogan, even though he wasn't elected, he definitely represented. He played a career spanning set the fans loved and that introduced newbies to one of the greatest rappers alive, truly.

Murs is precise and clear in his delivery. His lyrics are funny and heartfelt. He speaks on everyday matters, or things that we all go through. They are not about Crystal poppin', sipping syrup, or slappin' hoes. Nope, Murs rhymes about breaking up with someone he really liked, friends that use him, and the grind of touring.

The crowd was intense. With artists like Murs, the fans are rabid, and know every word. He's never been on the radio, but his dedication has propelled him forward. This makes him all the more endearing and lovable.

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