#8 LP of 2012-The Vaccines-"Come of Age"

This album found me late in the year, when I needed a punk rock savior.  Come of Age was just the fix I needed.  But even now it continues to grow on me, deep into the new year.

First I was hooked on the punk pop of "Teenage Icon," learning the chords, shouting the lyrics, playing this single for everybody at work.

Then the anthemic "No Hope" was lodged in my cranium like a stray bullet from a Johnny Rotten pistol.
And I/I don't really care about/Anybody else when I haven't got my whole life figured out
No hope/And it's hard to come of age/I think it's a problem/And it never goes my way

I could go on but I won't.  I will say though that this feels like something from the '60's.  Like early Clash meeting Frankie Avalon and starting a band.  It's pop music first, and punk second.  The punk is not so aggressive, but rather fun.  More sincere than Blink, less poppy than Bobby...Darin that is.  Check out Come of Age, it will conjure memories.

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