#14 LP of 2012-Dinosaur Jr-"I Bet on Sky"

Dinosaur Jr. put together one of their best LP's since they have reunited with the original lineup, and maybe one of their best records to date. Check out the depth and structure of the song "Almost Fare."

It has everything we love from these three men. A touch of pop in the verse, darker chords in the chorus, and a killer guitar solo leading out of the song. "Pierce the Morning Rain" is that pop rocker that reminds me of Green Mind, and "See It On Your Side" feels like it belongs to Where You Been.  I'm hearing a lot of the past in these tracks, and that's a good thing.

"Watch the Corners" is compelling in that, creatively, it sounds NEW.  A fresh take on an old tale, it's some of their best songwriting in years.  They found their niche, that spot where they feel most comfortable to do their best writing.  Welcome back Dino Jr., we have missed you.  I Bet On Sky really brought back all the great charms I learned to love these dinosaurs for.

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