#12 LP of 2012-Tame Impala-"Lonerism"

Lonerism makes me wonder how good the Stone Roses second LP would have been if they made one right away, instead of waiting 10 years to make their follow up.  I say this because I felt like Tame Impala's first record had a lot of similarities to them (see "Solitude is Bliss").  With an amazing single like "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards," it seems the 'Roses did just that, while Tame Impala took a giant leap forward.  This LP has it all, finding a group who has found themselves.  All bands need time to develop, but you don't want to wait to long.  Much of the magic happens in those early days, when your just fumbling along, and no one expects anything of you.  If you wait too long, the pressure mounts, and the magic fades under the weight...

"Nothing That Has Happened So Far..." sounds like the Beatles when they went through their psychedelic phase, and there's a bit of Sgt. Peppers there at the end.  Hats off to Tame Impala for going against the grain.  In doing so they avoided the dreaded sophomore slump and gave us something incredible to listen to for years to come.

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