#13 LP of 2012-Japandroids-"Celebration Rock"

Two of the tracks off of this superb 8 song session called Celebration Rock, could easily be hailed single of the year.  "The Night's of Wine and Roses" should get best opening track for an album released in 2012.  They come out of the gates roaring about the good ole' days, when we stayed up all night, laughing with our friends.

Long lit up tonight and still drinking/Don't we have anything to live for?
Well of course we do/But till they come true/We're drinking

We stayed up playing drinking games all night, with not a care in the world. Fresh out of high school we had dreams, hopes and aspirations, and anything was possible.  "Wine and Roses" brings to mind those bonfire nights, and all of those good times, essentially.  It feels good to crank it full blast.

We all want to know what nobody knows/What the nights of wine and roses hold
For the wine and roses of our souls

"Fire's Highway" continues the drinking; and the driving.  I'm gathering thoughts of those spring break road trips we took in high school.  The ones to Daytona for Yo! MTV Raps on the beach, and to unknown parts of Florida to see the Afghan Whigs in their early years touring behind Congregation.  It grabs the mind, sparking those perfect childhood memories.

"Evil's Sway" is anthemic.  It has the chorus you'll chant to at the show.  You'll convulse, pumping your fists, while losing your voice.  As the music takes over, you won't think twice about jumping into that mosh pit, landing on your back, injuring it for life.  You can barely walk in school all week.  You think it's kind of cool as you tell your friends that you were injured seeing the Japandroids at Schuba's.

"For The Love Of Ivy" is that rockabilly track that you get a beer during, bopping your head at all the chicks you pass, afraid to talk to.

You're back with your beer for "Adrenaline Nightshift," smiling, raising a toast to the band.  As that lead guitar creeps in over those spastic drums, you feel incredible, like life is yours for the taking.  Your grin says it all: "Thanks for bringing it boys!"

And of course there's that other song of the year: "Younger Us."  A barn burner, where again, we are shedding memories, and writing memoirs.

Remember when we had them all on the run/And the night we saw the midnight sun
Remember saying things like we'll sleep when we're dead/And thinking this feeling was never going to end

More drinking songs.  Could there be anything better?  "Younger Us" could be the anthem for a new generation, but they'd need a time machine to the future to understand.  You see, right now, they are in their prime.  The days of freedom.  No ties binding them, nothing holding them down.  No responsibilities.

Give me that night you were already in bed/Said fuck it, got up to drink with me instead

Throw caution to the wind, and do whatever grabs you.  That is the basis of "Younger Us," and this is what comprises most of Celebration Rock.  High speed indie for the dreamer at heart.  You'll want to play it again, as it moves by too quick, clocking in around 35 minutes.  A few of the songs sound tedious, but for the most part, this album smokes from start to finish.  It truly is celebration rock!  This is the length most records should be.  Cut the filler, give us the killer!

I love this quote from Pitchfork: "...it's no more ridiculous than two dudes pushing 30 years old from Vancouver called Japandroids making a rock record for the ages."

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