#11 LP of 2012-Two Door Cinema Club-"Beacon"

The second album from Two Door Cinema Club deserves a spot on this list somewhere, it can't be ignored.

Beacon rocks like Placebo did in the early days, but it's more melodic, and less nasally. The vocals carry this upbeat pop outfit, that at times sound like Phoenix or Muse. Regardless, they make writing great songs seem easy.  If it was this easy, everybody would do it.

Each song has a tightly wound groove thanks to the battery of Kevin Baird (bass), and Sam Halliday (drums).  Together, the two sound steady as a club beat, allowing for guitar parts to meander over the music like a snake in grass.  Check out the bouncy melodies of "Someday," it's a perfect example of how these lads ebb and flow. Lead singer Alex Trimble plays every instrument known to man, but it's his candy coated vocal chords that get lodged in our sweet tooth and stick with us for days. Like Johnny Greenwood splattering bleeps and blips upon the canvas of Radiohead's songs, Trimble adds some similar paint to Two Door's sound.

This album soared to #1 on the Irish Charts, and word on the street is they were HUGE in Japan (chuckle, chuckle). All kidding aside, Beacon is an easy listen, worthy of a few spins.


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