My Baby Knit A Brown Sweater

"Abs took a sh-t today!" That is the text that I sent my friends.  I know that sounds crass and I've debated using curse words in posts, as it doesn't make my writing sound any better. But, after being constipated for 5 days, getting things shoved up her booty, and 1000's of awkward grunting noises heard throughout the night, my baby girl dropped a bomb.

Abigail Grace, or Abs as we call her, is our 8 week old daughter, and the greatest gift we've ever received. And don't get me wrong, most of the noises she makes are downright darling. She has a grin that will knock your socks off. But lately the grin has been hidden beneath a grimace. She's been really constipated and gassy. We haven't seen the darker side of a diaper for five days, and all we can talk about is our little Abs passing a stool. Well today, Abs "Baked A Cake."

Yes, she finally "Balanced The Budget," "Blasted A Dookie," "Burned A Mule," "Cleared Out Some Inventory," "Did Some Spring Cleaning," and Dropped a Billy." To put it simply, my baby "Knit A Brown Sweater."

And because of it, we all feel better.

Thanks to Summer Knobloch for the beautiful photos.


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  • Welcome to parenthood! It is amazing how quickly the world changes when you become a parent and how the topics of conversation drastically shift. May your world be filled with love and painted in technicolor now and forever. Parenting is a wild ride. May yours be the greatest!

  • haha Go ABS Go!!! Beautiful picture!!!

  • In reply to Sarah J:

    I love that picture!

  • Thanks Crystal, I really appreciate the feedback. It is crazy how fast our world has changed, and I was just trying to bring some light to this fact. We are very blessed and I am prepared to learn every day.

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