#8 LP of 2012-Neon Trees-Picture Show

I blogged heavily about the Neon Trees second album and their killer song "Mad Love."  To say "Mad Love" is an amazing piece of pop music, would be an understatement.  I love the contrast of the guy/girl vocal, and it's about time that girl, Elaine Bradley, showed off her talents.  It is a simple sing-a-long that stands the test of time. Some six months later I'm still rocking out to this love song. Not only was this song great, but the whole album was a pleasure to listen to.

Neon Trees surpassed the sophomore slump, by bringing the 80's back in a serious way.  Not just the Simple Minds or Howard Jones of the 80's, but Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, and The Cure of the 80's.  The edgy alt pop from the post modern 80's and 90's.

"Weekend," is a great rock song, that stands on it's own, without comparison. But as you listen closely to the gritty vocals, you swear you are hearing Micheal Jackson in his prime, performing an unreleased cut from Thriller.  The lead guitar sounds like Eddie Van Halen tearing up "Beat It."  "Hooray For Hollywood" has a little Concrete Blonde sound, and "Still Young" has that "In A Big Country" feel.
They are so '80's and so proud, as they should be.  They nail this timeless style again and again on Picture Show, song after song.  Neon Trees delivered on a classic formula of radio ready pop, that is so badly needed in a world of stations fraught with club bangers.  For that, we thank them.

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