No Make-Up Today

I love the way you put it on your eyes/The roses on your face light up the sky
Those lips are colorful all of the time/And girl that’s fine
But I wanna know do you mind/No makeup today (today) (x4)
And girl that’s fine/But i wanna know do you mind

Last week I wrote a little about Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, and his quick rise to stardom.  I had mentioned his lyrical content, and the subjects he writes about. I just wanted to expand on his repertoire a bit by discussing another track from his mixtape Section.80.  "No Make-Up (Her Vice)" has been running through my mind like Bo Derrick in 10.

Regardless of stepping up my metaphor game or showcasing how old I am, "No Make-Up" is a song about how great Lamar's girlfriend looks without all the cover up.  He pleads with her to skip the face paint for a day.  A great concept, and again, something you rarely hear rappers talk about.  Usually rap songs degrade women, not champion them for their natural beauty.  Kendrick Lamar continues to surprise every time I throw on one of his albums.  Check out the lyrics on the video below .

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