Chiddy Bang's "Breakfast" is Runner Up LP of 2012

I remember being enamored with the single "Opposite of Adults." I loved the sample of MGMT's "Kids," the rhymes were super tight, and the lyrics were clever. I expected big things from these guys, but continued to be disappointed with each new EP.
Enter their full length Breakfast. This is what I was looking for.  A game changer, with strong singles; all killer and zero filler.  Rapper Chiddy kills every rhyme on this record, and DJ Xaphoon's beats are top notch.  Look no further than the hookiest song of 2012, "Handclaps and Guitars!"  This is what we call joint of the year.

I started every day of vacation in Arizona for Spring Training 2012 with "Handclaps and Guitars," it just has that happy, we-can-conquer-the-world-feel.  In other words, it served as our Vaca Party Anthem.  I ran half marathon's to this record, and I did a lot of push-ups to this masterpiece.

For good measure, check out album opener "Breakfast," and make your way through to the uplifting "Happening." "Whatever We Want," is straight hiphop, and "Mind Your Manners," and "Ray Charles" have fun with headphones. You'll want to sing, rap, and dance through this whole journey that Chiddy Bang calls Breakfast, it's that ill!

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