Yelawolf: Howling @ the House of Blues 10-24-12


Many rappers throw the phrase "greatest rapper alive" around a bit too much.  Jay-Z, Little Wayne, Kanye West, just to name a few.  Those MC's are all great, but what's separates the best from the rest is the live performance aspect.  After seeing Yelawolf perform at the House of Blues, I can confirm he is definitely at the top of his game, and maybe the best in the game.  His flow was razor sharp, reminiscent of Eminem around the Slim Shady LP.  His raspy voice cut through the loud beats and constant crowd noise.  Many rappers get lost amongst the sea of bass and turntable trickery, but not Yela.  These things just inspire him to spit that fire.

Syllable after syllable, rhyme after rhyme, Yelawolf cranked through his catalog on cruise control at no less than 100MPH.  Every gender and color inside the H.O.B rapped the lyrics to "Daddy's Lambo."

You want to drink and get cut like Rambo?/Then let me drive your daddy's Lambo!

You'd think it was a world wide hit.  Nope.  It was just one of several standout cuts he showcased from his stellar debut Trunk Muzic 0-60.  Released in 2010, this record solidified his fan base.  After grinding through many a mixtape, this was the payoff for fans.  Raucous versions of "Marijuana," "Trunk Muzic," "My Box Chevy" and "Billy Crystal" were reminders of why we loved that record.  But the fire starter from this group was "Get the Fuck Up," which did just that.  As we thought things would wind down for a moment, he jump started our hearts.  We continued jumping around like the House of Pain during "Push'Em," one of two new songs performed from Psycho White, Yela's new project with Blink's own Travis Barker.

But the focus of the Slumerican Tour was Yelawolf's latest opus Radioactive.  "Hard White (Up in the Club)" was a rager, a party anthem that ignited the crowd.  The chorus comes courtesy of a cameo from Lil John, and the verses are brought to you by Yela and Co.  His ferocious lyrical assault was delivered flawlessly and you could feel the energy in the room.  What starts as a party anthem quickly goes south, as Yela's anger of his treatment by the music industry is unveiled.  His comparison by critics to label mate Slim Shady fuels the flames for a fiery finish as Yela burns this House (O' Blues) down.

I got up in this bitch with a tank top cause I spit so very, darn quick and scary/That's why they're so quick to compare me
Fuck my critics with a spiked dick/When it can fit barely.They probably think I'm a Limp Bizkit
That spits jelly, when I put them in the woods I'm a redneck/I'm a hick? Tell me: go ahead, yeah!
What the fuck does it matter to me?
/Cause after me there'll only be wannabes/And mostly ain't never gonnabes

We smiled wide at each other; me, Austin, and the crowd.  Fist pumping like possessed picketers, we flowed together like the Hoover Dam.  Each of us together forming one giant unit, chanting the catchy choruses of songs like "Let's Roll," originally sung by Kid Rock on Radioactive, now sung by us.  We threw up our hands during "Throw It Up," which sounded better live than on wax.


Many of the songs played on this night sounded better here than I've ever heard them, and that's saying a lot.  Rap shows can be really good, but end up being mostly bad.  "Growing Up In The Gutter" saw opener Rittz hit the stage with Yela, and "Radio" proved again that Yelawolf has been terribly overlooked by cookie cutter stations.  This show was a triumph for hip hop, reinstating our faith in a genre that's been over run with black eyed peas, and flo-ridas.  See the show and follow the tour if at all possible, you won't be disappointed!  Word has it that Travis Barker is making guest appearances in certain cities, to debut Psycho White.

Here is a blog that Yela writes...check out opener Rittz's breakfast of champs!

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