Trying On More Whigs @ Lincoln Hall 11-16-12


After writing a review of The Whigs Lincoln Hall show last week, I realized how much I love this band.  I have poured a lot of time into these guys during the last 5 years, listening to and writing about them.  I have followed them to street festivals, and photographed them several times.


With each new record they have pushed their boundaries, and refined their sound.  They have a great variety to offer any audience, and this has been confirmed with the addition of Enjoy The Company.  From the power pop of "Technology," to the grunginess of "Right Hand On My Heart," to the breadth of depth in "Naked, " and now to the classic feel of "Waiting," we have seen incredible growth.  Enjoy these pictures from my camera, I thought I lost them after a battery fail.  But on the contrary, here are some of the best live shots I have taken to date.             (NP: "Automatic," from In The Dark)

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