The Whigs: Staying Alive @ Lincoln Hall 11-16-12


On The Whigs latest record Enjoy The Company they seem to have taken a new direction into classic rock territory, but the effect it had on their live show was tame, if it had any effect at all.  Channeling Neil Young at times while bouncing around like Kurt Cobain during others, fans inside of Lincoln Hall were treated to nothing less than top notch rock n roll.

Impressions of Tom Petty, The Eagles, and The Beatles, were done throughout the night, but none were performed better than the one they did of themselves on "Already Young."  We were all treated to a big fat lip with the raucous opener that had us shouting "I don't care what your old man thinks of me."  It felt good to scream the lyrics out from the epicenter of a crowd on the verge of exploding.  The tone was set for the rest of the night.

From there they showcased new songs, "Waiting," "Rock and Roll Forever" "Staying Alive" and "Couple of Kids," which has become a favorite of mine since hearing it live.  "Waiting" is based around a great riff that reminds me of the Rolling Stones "She's So Cold," while "Couple of Kids," is totally Neil Young.  Though Kids' was a bit of a slower song, it fit perfectly into this set of uptempo rockers.

While their new style was intact, the old kick ass and take names indie rock ethos won out.  These boys know where their bread is buttered, rifling through much of the fan favorite Mission Control.  "Like a Vibration, " "Production City," and "Need You," all felt like happy grunge, or three chord pop perfection.  The audience was one big shit eating grin, and the smile on lead singer/guitarist Parker Gispert's face, said he was overjoyed as well.  I can't begin to explain how rocking this show was.

Later Gispert gave his guitar to bass player Timothy Deaux and jumped on keyboards to run through cheeky versions of "Half The World Away," and "Nothing Is Easy."  Not only did this help to slow the set down, it shows the band as more than one dimensional.  With the addition of Enjoy The Company, The Whigs have proven themselves a band with great staying power, and have an arsenal of songs that would make a three day stint at Madison Square Garden worth scoping.

Before I go, I should mention that drummer Julian Dorio is the real story here.  The peanut butter holding this sandwich together, he is a ferocious drummer that has to be heard and seen.  Dorio's attention to detail can take the band from o-100mph at the drop of the dime.  Go see this band live to hear the full effect.


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