No Teenage Icons

A week ago I had never heard The Vaccines "Teenage Icon" single, I had only heard of the band in passing.

LISTEN: New Album 'Come of Age'

Then I saw them on the Jools Holland Show, and that was all it took.  A week later it's become an obsession and the rest of the album Coming Of Age has followed suit.  I'm hearing some Sex Pistols, or at least some Johnny Rotten in the vocals, some Ramones, and a lot of Bobby Darin.  It's a bit Brit Pop, but think more British Invasion.  Maybe even earlier than that.  I'm hearing some 'strong 60's and 70's influences in their music.

"All In Vain" is another killer from this record.  It has a drum beat a la the 'Roses "I Am The Resurrection," and a vocal melody crooned like Frankie Avalon, whom they want us to believe they are nothing like.

I won't continue to compare them to other bands, I'll let you get some satisfaction from that.  But take a listen to this record and then scope their first, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines.  They are both fine lessons in music history.

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