How The Doves Got Their Name

Trying to enjoy one of those last nice days of fall, I ran home from downtown along the lake. I stopped into my favorite haunt Reckless Records to do a bit of shopping. One of the reasons I started writing this blog was due to my excitement in telling friends about all the great CD's I purchased for $1 (that and the fact that I got to listen to all this music too). Yes, many great CD's are dumped into the $1 bin at Reckless, or what many other stores have come to call "The Cut Out's.' This is done for a number of reasons. To make room for the newly pawned collections of CD's that come in each day. Also, to clear out the old stock that never sold, and maybe expunge some of the older versions and duplicates that are lying around taking up room.

Regardless of why they do it, I grew up paying $16.99 for a CD, so there were a lot of bands I never tried, or CD's I couldn't afford to buy.  That being said, I can always find something in the cut outs that I want to listen to, or need to have in my collection.  On this day I wanted more than 20 discs, but I had to draw the line somewhere! My wife says I have a problem, I'm starting to agree.

I will list them all here soon, but a few of the things I have been addicted to this last week include a Doves live LP, Live From Londonderry.


On this little gem, which might not be soundboard quality but still very good sounding, Doves play a killer version of my favorite song, "The Cedar Room."  As I was listening to the intro, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  "That's it!  That's how they got their band name."  It must have been taken from these sounds they were making with their guitars and effects pedals.  The drums open this song up, giving way to guitars that slowly build with eerie noises.  Created with delay and echo, it sounds as if birds are screeching and fighting.  Wait, it actually sounds like...DOVES!  Eureka!

At The Nerve Center, Londonderry 2000:
Sea Song
Break Me Gently
Here It Comes
Catch The Sun (Aborted)
Catch The Sun
Lost Souls
A House
The Cedar Room



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  • Doves fighting? An oxymoron?

  • Maybe I should have left the fighting out. It sounds like birds:)...thanks for reading.

  • That's awesome Cedar Room is a nice, chill song. I dig epiphanies.

  • Yeah, not sure how right I was about that epiphany, but I felt it was worth writing about:).

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