I haven't written about Kendrick Lamar yet, though it seems everyone else has. He's already being hailed the next big thing by all the corporate music mags, but even more impressive, by his peers. After a handful of incredible mixtapes and unique major label release, I can't help but follow suit and send props his way. Yes, he's been produced by Dre, and Drake guests on his debut, but it's the song from his Section .80 mixtape that continues to haunt me.  One in particular, "A.D.H.D."

8 doobies to the face/F-ck that/12 bottles in the case/F-ck that
2 pills and a half weight/F-uck that/Got a high tolerance/When your age don't exist

Though the chorus might look bad on paper, it's the content that surrounds this  addicting hook.  Also important, the voice in which he raps it.  A very low key take for a rapper from Compton taken under Dr. Dre's wing.  You'd think he'd be trying to be more gangster, but on the contrary, he's best when being himself.  Soft spoken, with intelligent rhymes and a gift for rap.  Read more into this guy and many around him say that he doesn't even write his rhymes down, yet remembers them word for word in the studio.  Either way, he deseves a look from the Cut Out Kid and anyone who reads this.

I love the beat on this track "m.A.A.d city," and Kendrick's frantic flow puts it over the top.  It sounds like gangsta rap, but if you listen closely he's not talking about how bad he is, rather how bad his city is.   It's a real look at the situation that he grew up in and that is taking place at this moment.

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