White Sox: Thanks For An Exciting Season

There is no doubt the Chicago White Sox took a nosedive in the final homestretch of the season.  For that I had to turn off many a game in the last few days.  Call me what you will.  It's either that; or punching holes in walls throughout my living room.  I know my limits.

It all goes back to the time my father had a melt down after the Sox lost ugly to the Orioles back in '83.  He was pissed off over a Game 3 shellacking and I remember him saying "That Damn Eddie Murray!"  I didn't even know who Eddie Murray was.  I knew that mom asked dad to run home and grab something from the kitchen before we started dinner at grandma's.  She might have even made a comment about "not turning on that Sox game."  Whatever it was, it all culminated in my dad fisting the top of the TV, and knocking some things over.  He looked at me and said, "Don't tell mom I did that." That's where it all started.  And this season it all ended with the Sox being unwatchable; if that's even a word.

But I didn't write this to complain.  Honestly.  I wrote this missive to say "Thank You."  Thanks to the Chicago White Sox for putting together an exciting season.  For a team that was projected to lose 95 games in 2012 by Sports Illustrated, they sure put together one heck of a run. Though they fell short, they still deserve credit for playing competitively right up until the end. Thank you Kenny for continuing to drag new pieces into the puzzle.  For believing in our team when no one else did.  For bringing in "Youk" when we needed a lift.  For snagging Liriano when the pitching staff was simultaneously injured.  All these things let us know that you WANTED TO WIN Jerry Reinsdorf.  Thank you for that.  Again, thanks to the organization and the team for an exciting season.

Finally, now that the season is over, you players can head home and punch holes in your walls, as the Tigers get their asses kicked by the Orioles.  Yep, it should have been you...

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