Sending Out A Tender Fax

The amount of music Of Montreal releases is amazing.  What's even more impressive is just how good that material is. Usually quality over quantity is the motto, but with a writer like Kevin Barnes, you never want to halt the production.
The last song on the album "Expecting To Fly" is an ode to Lennon if there ever was one, beautiful and emotional. It's raw with feeling and grips the listener the first time through. A piano balled that reaches for the stars.

"Stepping Out" is a carnival of fun, you're gonna want to dance. Prince vs Beck here, and Beck wins out.  "Obviousatonicnuncio," is so 80's, and "Partizan Terminus" is so Bowie; rooted in pop while bordering space rock.
More Prince like flavor on "Georgie's Lament," I would even say a little Mika like.
"Feminine Effects" is subtle, gorgeous pop, complete with slide guitars, keys, and smoky pipes courtesy of the great Rebecca Cash.

How can this be a collection of b-sides, and be this good? "Tender Fax" could be my favorite of the bunch, reminds me of the Strokes, or what they should be doing now days. Albert Hammond, Julian Casablanca's, do you hear this? You should be listening!
"Psychotic Feeling" is another standout.  Again the guitars chime with the freshness of something from that classic Strokes' album Is This It.  Don't pass on this record, especially if your a fan. It rocks harder than some of their real outings.  Maybe it's the mix of cuts or the tight sequencing, but either way, this things rolls out the speakers and into your ears with ease.

of Montreal - Daughter of Cloud

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