iDead. Are Any Other Chicagoans?

My iPhone is out of juice, and apparently the city of Chicago is out of chargers.  Let me be clear; AT&T, Best Buy, and the rest of the stores have NOT received their first shipment of iPhone 5 accessories.  Yes, I'm one of those idiots who ordered the phone as soon as it was available, and thus far have been enjoying it.  But low and behold that new adapter tethers you to the closest outlet until it's done charging, and because of this I left mine sitting in my brother's kitchen after an Octoberfest party this weekend.  So because I left my charger there, I have been without a phone since Saturday, and today it's Tuesday. First I was annoyed at the thought of having to buy another charger because I have a zillion iPhone 4 chargers at home. Yes, Apple completely changed the adapter, and I knew this going in.  So, of course, NONE of my old ones would work.  But what was even MORE annoying was the fact that I could not physically purchase one in the city of Chicago yesterday.  This is a problem.  iScrewed...

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