The Millionaires @ Bottom Lounge 6/28/12

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As we crack open a growler of Daisy Cutter and get our pre-party on, my partner-in-crime stated his case.  "Dude, we have to get to the show early to see the Millionaires.  They're dirty rappers; and their all chicks!  Old school like Too Short, or an all girl 2 Live Crew."  "Really," I asked?  "Yeah.  I've been listening to their stuff online and they sound awesome!"  This was the best piece of advice possible, as these chicks put on one of the most energetic shows I have seen in years.

As the lights dimmed, these two "tender ronis" took the stage in sleeveless shirts and short shorts, oozing sexuality.  They evoked a sexual energy that permeated the room.  As soon as the beat dropped and arms started to flail, The Millionaires launched a lyrical assault, that was anything but a half-assed Salt N' Peppa.  There was an energy and magnetism that drew you in, stemming from their confidence.

"Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid" was spot-on, feeling really tight.  They tossed lines back and forth, trading tales of debauchery.  They were raucous like the Beastie Boys but professionally rehearsed like Nikki Minaj.  Stu looked over screaming "I was right!"  My shit eating grin signaled a small victory for him.  You see, we have grown up listening to rap.  We saw Kid Rock get booed off stage in '91, when he was signed to Jive and opened for Ice Cube and Too Short on The Short Dog's In The House Tour.  We were terribly embarrassed when Stu's mom took us to see Big Daddy Kane, De la Soul, and headliner LL Cool J pretended to bang one of his dancers on a bed, center stage.  I looked over at Stu's mom and I could tell she felt awkward.  Both of our faces were as red as Bozo's head dress.

We were deranged kids, addicted to hip hop, always looking for the next best thing.  This is why I never missed an episode of YO! MTV Raps, and stayed up until 1am on Saturday nights listening to WGCI's "The Rapdown."  Just so I could tell Stu about 3rd Bass, or Awesome Dre for example.  I always wanted to be first to the punch.  Well, chalk this round up to Stu, cause the Millionaires killed tonight!

They took turns jumping off speakers and strutting their stuff all over the stage.  This was not a Britney Spears choreographed dance skit.  This was an organized chaos that the ladies have been perfecting.  I have always heard that women were dirtier then men when their counterparts weren't around.  In the rap world you mostly hear about pimps banging hoes, but the Millionaires had me laughing because it was the reverse.  In "Alcohol" they cop free drinks off men, secretly thinking "you won't get in these pants."  Yeah were getting pretty trashed/but these boys won't get any ass, then chanting Every time I'm at the bar/You want to pay/Go ahead buy me a drink/You won't get laid.

The Millionaires owned this shit and sold it like insurance.  Couple that confidence and sexuality with their precise flow, and you've got one hell of a party.   Throughout the show I kept thinking: "they are going to be the next biggest thing!"  The skills of the Millionaires were evident, and they showed no signs of letting up.  I couldn't have been more excited about a new group.  If I was an A & R rep, they would have been signed on the spot.  I repeat: I have not seen this much energy in years.  Millionaires are a must see if they are in your neck of the woods.

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