From Black Metallic to Chrome

When the Catherine Wheel released their sophomore LP Chrome in 1993, they were in their prime.  Unafraid to try new things, and fresh off the success of their debut Ferment (1992) they delivered a classic.  I have been without said classic since it was stolen from my collection almost 20 years ago.  People whom I thought were friends would come over to party on weekends, and some of my greatest purchases would leave with them.  I had a rather big CD collection in our upstairs living room and some of these friends would spend time looking through it, and taking a few souvenirs, if you will.

That was then, this is now.  Last night at band practice the bass player surprised me a copy of Chrome.  He remembered me saying I was searching for it, and wallah, there it was.  I threw it in the car stereo and immersed myself in the aural pleasures of "Crank."  It still sounded great.  The distorted guitars, the haunting vocals, and all of the moodiness I remember.

All of these feelings and memories came rushing back and I wanted to share them you. Check them out on Spotify or scour the cut outs for anything Catherine Wheel. Enjoy...

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