Freelance Whales Are Locked Out!

The Freelance Whales are back with a new single "Locked Out," and a release date for their sophomore album, October 8th. The song sounds a bit spacey, but still on par with some of their best material.
The Cut Out Kid has written about this band several times and is super excited to hear what they do next.  Through endless touring they have perfected their quirky style of pop, and this next album has to rise to the occasion.  I don't believe in the sophomore slump, though it seems to be a curse that has marred many a band.  The difference is in knowing who you are and not who others want you to be.  Stay tuned...

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  • Diggin this dreamy tune while drinking a Flying Dog WILDMan Farmhouse IPA. Yow ;-D

  • A Farmhouse IPA? Wow, is it HOPPY at all?

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