Mickey Avalon @ Bottom Lounge 6-28-2012

Mickey Avalon (Bonus Track Version), Mickey AvalonOn the Ave - EP, Mickey AvalonLoaded (Bonus Track Version), Mickey Avalon

The Mickey Avalon, Millionaires, and Ajax show at The Bottom Lounge was like a pint sized Red Bull.  Meaning, one Red Bull (8oz) gets me jacked enough, but this show was like a "double shot" of energy.  I will get to Ajax and the Millionaires in a sec, but "The Av," takes center stage here.

My buddy and I talked about this show for months.  Not only were we psyched about the live aspect, but we wondered how crazy the crowd would be?.  If you know anything about Mickey, you know that 'dude rolls with strippers, junkies, and groupies, to name a few of his select fans.  So you can imagine our conversations about who would attend.

Overall, things weren't as crazy as we thought.  Matter of fact, Mickey's performance seemed polished to perfection.  If he was on drugs, you would never have noticed.  And that crazy crowd?  Well, they were made up of people just like you and me.  Yep.  We always think people are so different from us, but in the end, we are all the same.

As the room lights dim, and the colorful stage lights come alive, Mickey slithers to the front with a police hat on, strapped in a black leather jacket.  Stu and I shout out opening song guesses, but instantly we realize we are both wrong!  Shit jumps off with an eerie keyboard sample and the beat drops.  It's "Waiting To Die," the first song off Avalon's self-titled debut LP.  "Awesome!  This show is going to be old school," we say, both of us grinning from ear to ear!  Opening with something older set the wheels in motion for a full throttle set.

Now I don't know the exact order of the set list, as I was too busy rapping along to each song.  Fist pumping, high-fiving, and straight up sweating out Daisy Cutter, I was too engulfed in the show to take notes.  I can tell you this: he rifled through a ton of songs during the night, there was not a dull moment.  Some sets have those moments where you can sneak away and grab a beer, but the "Loaded Tour" left no time for this.

Off that epic debut he treated us to the feel good funk of"Jane Fonda," and rocked us with the uptempo "Friends and Lovers."  "So Rich, So Pretty," was a welcome surprise.  I say this was a surprise, only because the latter two songs contain tales of hopelessness and despair.  But in this live setting, with strippers and a DJ, they kicked ass!  It was hard at times to focus on the music when there were chicks bent over the front of the stage.  At this point we were entranced in their dance, as each outfit change brought less clothing.  I love this effect, as it made the stage show a LOT more interesting and fun.  Mickey is known for his prowess and lyrics, but in a live setting, he needed something more.  Adding in the dancers was crucial to finding that missing puzzle piece.

As I mentioned earlier, his stage act was polished.  His lyrics came out clear and succinct, over beats that had balance.  We both marveled at how good his performance was, setting the bar higher for future hip hop shows.  "Mr. Right"  and "My Dick," were amazing, but "Romeo and Juliet," brought the house down.  With its fat beat and funny lyrics, this fan favorite killed.  All of us singing along...

Winona Ryder had Johnny Depp (Yeah) But I just wanna smoke your last cigarette...
Well, Romeo had Juliet (Yeah) But give me three sweeties in a new Corvette...

From his latest opus Loaded, we heard great versions of "On The Ave," "Mickey's Girl," and "More Junk," three of my personal faves.  But "Fuckin' Em All," "Rock Bottom," and "Stroke Me" shined too!  Listen to the music and gather your own impressions.  But keep in mind that live, these tunes take on a whole new life, and his show is a  must see.  A mean combination of Ziggy Stardust, Alice Cooper, Kid Rock, and Iggy Pop left us wanting more.  Mickey Avalon is a showman!  If and when he comes back to the Chi, I will be a repeat offender!  Hopefully this is just the beginning of new music and sold out tours.  Fingers crossed; it's all or nothing.

Here was the setlist from our show in the Chi @ The Bottom Lounge:

  1. Waiting to Die
  2. Mr. Right
  3. Mickeys Girl
  4. Drugs
  5. Girlfriend
  6. So Rich, So Pretty
  7. All My Friends
  8. Fuckin' Em All
  9. Pretty Woman
  10. Funeral
  11. More Junk
  12. Making Love
  13. Oh Baby
  14. Mr Brownstone
  15. Romeo & Juliet
  16. I'm Hot
  17. Hustler Hall of Fame
  18. On The Ave
  19. Red Light District
  20. What Do You Say?
  21. California Crack Cocaine
  22. Rock Bottom
  23. Dance
  24. Jane Fonda
  25. Stroke Me
  26. Encore:
  27. My Dick



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