Dig A little Deeper...Into Commercials?

A car commercial has done it again. That's right, TV shows and commercials have been taking the place of radio for awhile now, introducing people to new music, or reminding us of great songs from the past.
Peter, Bjorn, and John's "Dig A little Deeper" is being whored out for a car commercial, but I think I'm starting to like it!

One of the best albums of 2011 was, hands down, Gimme Some by the Swedes from Stockholm, Peter, Bjorn, and John. Their progression has been nothing less than fantastic. Yes, they were the "Young Folks" behind that great whistling tune from 2006. You know, the one you always asked your friend: "Who sings this?" Yes, uh huh, that tune! Well with each record, they have grown with leaps and bounds. With Gimme Some, they exceeded all expectations and created a masterpiece that will hold up through the years.

I was reminded about this decided masterpiece, through their great single that has been selling cars for Honda.  Thank you Honda, for bringing back an amazing tune, and a beautiful record.  Meanwhile, keep running that spot, and I'll keep drumming my hands against the desk.



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  • Don't forget they did the song for the show Two Broke Girls.


  • In reply to Brian:

    Wow, no kidding!

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    Honda has some smart people working for them:


  • In reply to Dave Brigman:

    Yes they do!

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