Calling All Strangers To The Empty Bottle

Upon first hearing "You Are The One," I kept thinking: "White Wedding." It's got all the swagger, and the feel of the Billy Idol classic. But when the chorus kicks in, the song takes on a darker mood, as does the video, taking me further away from my initial thought. Still yet there is an underlying retro sound in place. Somebody mentioned Jesus and Mary Chain, and I'm sure Joy Division is thrown around loosely when talking about these guys.

Screw all of those pesky comparisons, and cast your own judgement tonight! A Place to Bury Strangers will be echoing throughout The Empty Bottle, and there is no better place than here to see a dirty rock show like this. Small, quaint, and the sound is incredible. Beers are cheap, bartenders rock, and the band will smash you in the jaw with their live sound!  I'll leave you with an example from their latest opus, Worship.



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