Blake Sexton Plays The Hits!

If you are not familiar with Sexton Blake, that's ok. You will be familiar with these cover songs, which could bring you full circle to his band Starfucker. Both solo and with his group, he does some interesting stuff, and this LP full of covers is no different. Now, these aren't straight forward takes on your favorite songs, rather some left field versions. Combining this batch of eclectic tunes, is part of the charm, as you rarely see them grouped together. I love "Hungry Heart," with the fuzzed out guitar, the low key vocal, and the slow but steady drum machine. It brings back memories of roller skating at "Just For Fun" as a kid, way out in the friendly confines of McHenry County.

"Young Turks" brings back those same memories, and I love the simple guitar, and keys on the hook.

Finally, who doesn't love or have "Bette Davis Eyes?" Just a great tune, and a lot of these are in the same vein, just plain fun. It's worth a go, especially if you want to take a stroll down memory lane. And this cool collection of tunes has a limited run of 1000 copies on vinyl.

Track Listing

1. Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen)
2. Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes)
3. Young Turks (Rod Stewart)
4. Making Love Out of Nothing at All (Air Supply)
5. I Need Love (LL Cool J)
6. The Logical Song (Supertramp)
7. Oh l'Amour (Erasure)
8. Girl You Know It's True (Milli Vanilli)
9. Rush Rush (Paula Abdul)
10. Daniel (Elton John)
11. Evil Woman (ELO)
12. Life in a Northern Town (The Dream Academy)
13. Human Nature (Michael Jackson)

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