The Promise Ring @ The Metro February 25th, 2012

I was shocked when I saw the crowd at The Metro for The Promise Ring reunion shows.  Not only was the  venue packed to the gills, maybe even oversold.  But what surprised me the most was the age of the audience.  They were young, really young.  I thought it would be a bunch of older people, but I was the one feeling out of place, standing at the back of the Metro.  I was trying to keep my tall ass out of the way of the young girls, careening their necks around my head to see.

The band sounded great and played mostly older material.  This was the most important aspect for me, as the bulk of what I know and what I have been listening to lately, has been the first two records.  Mainly the stuff from Nothing Feels Good.  One of those such songs,"Is This Thing On?," was one of the highlights of the whole show.  The opening riff came in distorted as ever, and threw the crowd into a frenzy!  It seemed as if each and every person inside the Metro, pumped their fists and chimed along:

Delaware/Are you aware of the Air Supply?/...and the television/Delaware/Are you still there?/is this thing on?

It was the most memorable song and moment of the whole night for me...

The band played a good amount of their catalog, both old and new, making for the perfect reunion show.  They seemed enamored with the audience response, and encored a few times.  I can imagine it was a great feeling after everything they've been through.  Maybe a feeling of victory, after the breakups, the cancers, and all the curves life has thrown at them.

The show brought many other highlights.  "Happiness Is All The Rage," "Perfect Lines," "Nothing Feels Good," and "Emergency! Emergency!," were just a few of the songs played throughout the night.  I could ramble on, but I won't.  I kept thinking about the drummer for some reason.  Dan Didier did not over play, but played just enough to let the vocals shine.  He was the glue that held everything together.  On this night, the Promise Ring sounded great.



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  • Sorry the pictures sucked! I forgot my camera on the table at home:(...

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