Temper Trapped Again!

Well, they did it again! I'm not sure if I love the whole album just yet, but I sure the hell am diggin this new single!  Possibly the song of the summer?  Dan over at The Jam Room was saying that the Alabama Shakes may have that single wrapped up with "Hold On," but with the entrance of "I Need You Love," I'm not too sure.  I love the fat keys, strong vocals, and anthemic chorus.  It just comes out easy, "Oh-oh-oh-ohhh/I need your love," and you can't stop singing!  Wow, am I hooked! Enjoy...


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  • Damn, you called it. This is a contender. Digging the low bass growl paired with those keys. Bright enough to be a summer tune. What a cool video, too. But don't count out Japandroids' "House That Heaven Built," as super-strong contender. :-) Rock!

  • Still loving on those Droids, that's for sure. They are playing here soon...

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