Under Cold Blue Stars

This is one of those CD's I have been waiting patiently for years to hit the cut out bins. Sorry Josh, but I spent a lot of money on you in the past, even more so on CD's. Back in the day, Under Cold Blue Stars, put out on Ryko Records, fetched the full $16.99. It did have a really nice lime green jewel case, but still, I knew I couldn't afford it. I was on a Josh Rouse binge at the time, and had just purchased Home for the incredible single "Directions." I couldn't find Dressed Up Like Nebraska, so I specially ordered it. That's how things were back then. If you wanted something bad enough, then you had to order it from a CD store, rather than drive all over God's green earth searching for it. And remember, I loved record shopping.

Anyways, I found it; and have been booming this album with Beats! I've have falling asleep to the gorgeous vocals of Josh a million times in my life, so this is nothing new. Check out "Miracle," and my favorite "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure." Such a cool tune, about being at home, where we find our most comfort.

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