More Light From That Old Sun (From The Vault Jul 28, 2009)

So, in the theme of Summer and with these last few days bringing humidity, I coincidentally found myself listening to another song about the the bringer of light, and the life giver of life, the sun.  But, I repeat; it was by accident.  I looked down at my Ipod and saw that the name of the Foreign Born track I was listening to was called "That Old Sun." To my surprise I was rocking to another song about the sun.  The slide driven riff is enough to propel any song to the top of my favorite list, but the vocals were also on point with the mood, seeming light and airy.  I would hate to call the band indie, because these days that would almost describe them as just another alternative rock band.  These guys come out left of center with some very different ideas, from dark and brooding, to summery and light.  "That Old Sun" and "Early Warnings" are both shiny happy pop tunes, but it's the riff that leads the previous tune and applies that lip gloss sparkle, making it blog-a-riffic!  Unfortunately there is no video yet for "That Old Sun," but there will no doubt be one soon, it can't be denied!  Foreign Born did play "Morning Becomes Eclectic" and it's the second tune they play if you have a little bit of time. "Winter Games" brings some of that originality I was speaking of switching between a retro 70's sound, and some early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.   Also, dig the breakdancing in this video above, and oh by the way "Welcome to Breakin’ 3: The Hipster Boogaloo!"

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