Fool's Gold Bring's Some Sun To Chicago

Here is band that has exceeded all expectations, at least in my opinion.  With each new release they have leaped giant buildings in a single bound, sort of like that cat Underdog.  The sunny, island feel is still intact and the vocals have been moved to the forefront.  There is a new swagger in the Fool's Gold footsteps that you only get from experience, and this band has toured endlessly.

I fell in love with their self-titled debut (above), after finding it in the cut out bins.  I liked what little vocalizing they did do on songs like "Surprise Hotel," "Nadine," and "Momentary Shelter."  But what mostly kept me coming back was the musicality and the instrumentation.  The songs contain this happy  feeling, that fills your head with thoughts of tropical islands.  The music is bouncy, and the players are flawless and tight.   These accomplished musicians don't overplay, rather play just enough, at the right times.

Many of their songs have a feel good vibe, and you could easily dance to this music.  The lyrics seem to revolve around the instrumentation, the opposite of most singer/songwriter stuff, which is a much needed breath of fresh air sometimes.  There are Hebrew chants, African rhythms and tribal twists thrown in, and a lead guitar tone reminiscent of the Dick Dale surf rock sound.

Their second album Leave No Trace, continues in that same sunny fashion, on songs like "The Dive," and "Tel Aviv."  But this time around, they have traded their Hebrew language for English, and for me, it's easier to sing along.  As I stated earlier, it was the instrumentation and upbeat jams that hooked me, but now the full package has arrived.

Fool's Gold remind me of another one of my favorite bands, Foreign Born.  There would be a simple reason for that.  Many of the members of Foreign Born also lend their talents to Fool’s Gold!  Yes, after a little research, I came across this interesting bit of info.  That is why both bands have that surf tone and island feel.  So you see, I learned something from writing this blog today as well.  I had never put the two bands together until this morning.  Eureka!

Well, enough of this island speak, get a listen for yourself.  I leave you with the video for "Wild Window."  I hope it makes you feel happy and upbeat, summer is on it's way.

Catch Fool's Gold at Schubas Back Room on Monday, May 21st @9pm




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