Nothing Feels Good

Awhile back I was at my friend's house and he asked me if I was into The Promise Ring?  I said that I had always heard the name but that I wasn't too familiar with their sound.  He asked if I was still doing the blog, and told me to keep my eyes peeled for their CD's.  With that tip, I was off and running.

A few months later while slogging through the cut outs I stumbled across Wood/Water.  An LP produced by one of my favorites Stephen Street (Smiths/Blur/Cranberries/Morrissey).  I liked it and continued looking for more material.

Last week I found their rocking, second record Nothing Feels Good, just floating around the bins, and I rescued it from obscurity.  Now I'm happy to say, this spanking new copy sits in my collection!  By far my favorite full length LP The Promise Ring have put out.   It has that early pop/punk sound, reminiscent of Hey Mercedes, Alkaline Trio, and Braid.  It rocks, and portrays a young, hungry band, creating that emo sound.

Listen to "Is This Thing On," and you can hear Dan Andriano, Matt Skiba, and Robert Nanna, shouting along to the soundtrack of your life.  This is where it started, or was happening simultaneously, all throughout the U.S.  A new generation that loved punk rock, and sang like Morrissey.

Check them out this Saturday, February 25th at The Metro.  They have reunited and are back, for the time being, playing live.


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    Nice work, Rad! These guys on those first few records just exuded a high energy, happy vibe; that sound is refreshing when I need that pick me up.

    Enjoy the Metro, Cut Out!

  • Fireside. Ha.

  • I found this song "Happiness is all the Rage" from Very Emergency and dug it...

    It does have that happy, punky '90s sound I still love. I also found some vids of them on YouTube performing songs from Nothing Feels Good in full animal costume? HA!

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    I was shocked at how good these guys still sounded live. Thanks for the link, glad you enjoyed it!

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