WESN: Playing What Radio Should Be Playing

This morning I heard a song that should be on the radio, actually, on the radio.  Let me try to explain this.  I usually don't listen to the radio, I listen to CD's while driving.  Radio is terribly predictable anymore, and there is hardly anything on most stations worth listening for.

But, when I come to Bloomington, IL to visit family, I always listen to their local college station, 88.1 WESN.  You can always expect to hear new music, and music that gets you excited.  Every time I turn on the station there is always a band or a song that leaves me wanting to know who the artist is and the name of the album. I find myself calling the station, or asking my wife (who was a DJ there back in the day), to call and ask "who that last band was?"  Sometimes I will go on their website to see the name of the song that was played during a certain hour.

Anyways, back to my point.  I turned on WESN and they were playing "Top Bunk" by Gauntlet Hair.  If you remember growing up with radio, you remember waiting to hear certain songs, and being curious about new bands.  At first I didn't know who the band was, but I knew I had heard the song before.  I even knew some of the lyrics, and I was getting excited trying to figure out who this band was.  That's how radio was in the past, it got you excited!  You wanted to hear more, you had to get more information.  Back when radio was good, there was no Internet (now you can go on the Internet, type in lyrics, and find out more info that way.).  You sometimes had to wait awhile to find out who the artist was.  Now radio is bad, so it usually doesn't matter!  But, if it happens to be good, there is Shazam!

I dialed up Shazam.  I had to know who this band was.  It was Gauntlet Hair, that's who it was!  I knew it.  It made me smile.  That's the magic of radio.  This song should be on the radio. It is sooooo good!


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  • What's Shazam? I've felt the same way for the longest time. The only station i can listen to anymore (infrequently) is XRT 93.1. Decent mix of new and old, but they tend to go off on sleepy tangents. They let you text "song" to find out what just played, but don't always update it.

  • I love XRT too, but this station is even better. I don't know any of the artists, and it's kind of great! DJ's are no Lin Brehmer though, just young kids who love radio. Shazam is an iPhone app, check it out. It's fun and works well. You push a button and hold your phone to the radio or speaker, and it tells you who the artist is!

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