Childish Gambino Starts A Bonfire

My nigga like, “I’d get you MTV if I could, man
But Pitchfork only likes rappers who crazy or hood, man”--CG

Maybe I snagged this CD for the wrong reasons initially,  but either way, it was life changing.  At least it changed my life for the good part of a year.

Let me be frank; I was annoyed that Drake's new record was $16.99, and I refuse to pay that much for a coaster ever again!  I am so tired of these big box stores overcharging for a new release, especially when record sales are down, WAY DOWN.  The more money you charge the less CD's you me at least.  I will find another way to get it.  Get it?

Anyway, Gambino's new release was sitting right there next to Drake's latest offering on the  Best Buy shelf, with that tempting $8.99 price tag.  I was in the mood for new music, and for the $8 difference, I was willing to take the risk.  I had read some reviews that professed the quality of this artist and his first official release.  Needless to say, I made the right decision.

Camp has been spinning in my car since that day, and I am dying to see this juggernaut, who calls himself Childish Gambino, live.  Apparently he brings a full band,  and delivers an intense performance, with some stand-up  mixed in to boot.

As the story goes, he got his name from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator,  and has been rapping under that Wu-given name ever since.  Under his real name, Donald Glover, he has written for the Daily Show with John Stewart, and acted in the television comedy "Community, " with Chevy Chase, and Joe McHale.  Wiki this dude, and you will realize we are just scratching the surface.

CG issued a slew of mixtapes, that molded his style.  His metaphors are on point with the best of them, think Drake and Lil' Wayne.  "You's a fake phuck like a fleshlite."  In his first single "Bonfire" he instantly grabs your attention with these brash metaphors: "Ok it's Childish Gambino homegirls dropping like the Nasdaq/move white chicks like there's coke up my asscrack."  You just don't picture this dude saying that, and that's the story of this  album.

When you put the whole album in perspective, Glover sounds part white and part black.  Comparisons that came to mind right away were Skee-Low, and Kanye West.  He can rap and sing, and every song has a hook, reminiscent of 90's rap, and the Yo! MTV Rap days.

Camp is a great surprise.  The entire album is very honest, and you feel like Donald is your best friend.  He doesn't talk down to the listener, he raps to you, like you were rapping to your friend; if that makes sense.  The album is emotional, and that's what I love most.  There is anger in "Bonfire," heartbreak in "Heartbeat, fun during "Fire Fly," and lost love in "Kids."  "All The Shine" is my favorite though, an opus where he breaks down his stance in this game.

What the fuck do y’all niggas really want?
I went with realness instead
But all the real niggas I know either crazy or dead

Yeah, I dropped the free EP for these other kids to feel a lot
Niggas keep asking on whether this dude’s for real or not
I’m not trying to come hard, I’m trying to come me
That’s why these older songs that I used to make I’d release free
What’s the point of rap if you can’t be yourself, huh?
That’s why I come first like my cell phone
I’m a role model, I am not these other guys
I rap about my dick and talk about what girls is fly
I know it’s dumb, that’s the fucking reason I’m doing it
So why does everyone have a problem with talking stupid shit?

Or is it real shit?
‘Cause sometimes that stupid shit is real shit


This album was in my top five of 2011.  It is a fun romp through classic hiphop, that's more about bro's and clothes, than it is boats and hoe's.


"Stone Mountain You Raised Me Well..."

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  • There's one too many n-bombs for me. Sorry.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Did you get a chance to listen to the whole song? I guess maybe I shouldn't have posted the lyrics? Maybe that turns people off instantly. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Donald's music, really is a great and talented artist.

  • That was pretty awesome, actually. Words is words

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