Bobby Chills @ The Empty Bottle 11-3-11

Bobby just finished up a mellow set at the Empty Bottle. This band uses a lot of sound effects, but keeps it really chill, sometimes too chill.  I like the vocals when you can hear them, especially when the keyboardist sings, she has a great voice.  I couldn't nail down Bobby's sound, though it seemed to waiver between quirky beats, and droning guitars.  Maybe "Droning Folk" would be a good stamp.  Or, as one of the reviews said,  "Dream Pop."  But who needs stamps anyway...

There were some cool aspects to this set.  I loved "Sore Spores," which was the most rounded song of the bunch.  There seemed to be reason for this tune, where as the rest of the set just seemed to meander.  When both male and female vocals come together something special happens, and that's where the band needs to go for more of this magic to happen.   When lead singer, Tom Greenberg, played with his Alesis sampler, things got interesting.  But that just lasted for a song.  When the songs do take shape and form, there is a lot of promise for Bobby.  Mostly though, this show seemed like a big jam session.

I wondered, to myself as the band played, what makes someone just trade in their life for music.  And...where can I go to do this?  I would love this life, if I weren't so hunkered down.  These folks from Bobby have given up their seats at the local bar, to create something.  That's the most important thing I took away from this set.

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