Tim Booth - Bone

Tim Booth has one of the greatest voices in rock and roll.  No matter the content, nor the style of the music he puts out, I always take an interest.  Countless James albums and varied side projects show a writer with a stunning track record.  It's been a long time since I owned a copy of his solo LP Bone, or listened to it, for that matter.  So, I was dumbfounded when I pulled a copy from the cut outs, in mint condition.

I won't bore you with the details of all twelve songs, rather just the album opener.  Bone jumps off with "Wave Hello," a song that could be ripped from any James album, and maybe that's why I love it so much.  The rhythm section makes you want to jump up and down, then comes this manic slide guitar, further pushing the intensity.  The biggest key, of course, is Booth's voice.  As soon as you hear him sing that first line, a shiver runs through your body.  His voice has a warmth and a familiarity, that's almost soothing, yet rebellious, if such a thing is possible.

By the time he gets to the standout lines, "It's this duality/Thought to reality/Some bug will get in the way," you know where you are.  You are in the hands of Tim Booth, and his constant quest for the truth.   You want to sing along, but you need to know the lyrics.  So, you google "Wave Hello," and realize there is more soul searching to be done.  As always, the lyrics raise questions of faith, and are thought provoking.   But, lets not get too deep yet, this song is fun.  The more challenging material comes a few tracks in, when you get to "Monkey God."  Dial up this album on Spotify, you won't be disappointed.

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