No Relaxing For Das Racist

Spin called them "brilliant, dumb, and entertaining."  I would have to say I agree with each of those terms, to a certain extent.  But, I do continue to dial it up on Spotify, so it must be the "entertainment" factor.  I definitely like the charm of "Rainbow in the Dark," as it starts with some funny White Castle banter.  Also, "Michael Jackson" is growing on me.  I like that beat, and the hook, I just don't understand the concept?  Is it a hit on MJ, or props?  Maybe that's the "dumbness" of Das Racist.  The "brilliant" comes in flashes at times during "Relax" (ft. Despot), and "Power" (ft. Despot).  Maybe Despot needs a permanent role.  Either way, there is something fun and compelling about this release.  Will it stand the test of time?  I am not sure.  But if they continue on, I think the future holds good things for these guys.

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