Best Coast's "California Nights" Sure Beat Illinois Winters

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LA duo Best Coast are back with a new single, “California Nights.” In the song, lead singer Bethany Cosentino describes how perfect those nights are. The instrumentation is lush, and the vocals are soothing. If it’s any indication of how it feels to live in California, my bags are packed! Seriously though, it makes you... Read more »

The Dodos New Album Is The Duos Best Work Yet

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The Simon and Garfunkel of alt-rock are back with a new record. Now maybe that’s a stretch, but on The Dodos sixth album, Individ, there are hints. On “Goodbyes and Endings,” the vocal stylings and syncopated singing, seem reminiscent of that famous duo from New York. “And if I cannot be still/Would you be alone/Would you... Read more »

Rapper Drake's Latest Mixtape Was Well Worth The Wait

Drizzy Drake Rogers made his return this month, while ya’ll were sleeping; literally. Following Beyonce’s lead, he released a surprise album two weeks ago on Friday the 13th. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, was released through the i-Tunes store with no prior announcement. Drake is calling it a mixtape, while others are calling... Read more »

Why Do You Watch The Oscars?

Why Do You Watch The Oscars?
As Jennifer Lopez fumbled to open the award envelope, I wondered to myself silently, “Why do we even watch this stuff?” Why do we watch The Oscars? My buddy texted me at 4:40pm saying the red carpet show was on soon. Huh? Should I be watching that? I don’t care what so and so is... Read more »

Hey Rosetta! Create Artful Rock With "What Arrows"

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Take me to church! Canadian rockers Hey Rosetta! have returned with a new album Second Sight, and a seven minute opus called “What Arrows.” There a a lot of pieces in the band, and they use this instrumentation to their advantage on the first single. The main vocal melody becomes a gorgeous harmony near what... Read more »

Holding On For The Alabama Shakes New Single

I was an Alabama Shakes fan, even before my two year old daughter refused to be changed. That is, if the song “Hold On” wasn’t playing in the background, she would lose her shit, figuratively. True story. She has been singing those two words, before she could talk. On the times that I forget to... Read more »

My Obsession With Roxy Music And The Song "Over You"

Roxy Music‘s Flesh and Blood came out in 1980. I was six, but I still remember what the 80′s looked like. This LP cover screams 1980. Not many album covers have women posing in white Jane Fonda jumpers, preparing to throw javelins (or spears). I have been digging this band since Bill Murray brought them... Read more »

John Mayer Had The Right Touch At The 2015 Grammys

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My brother called me to ask if I saw this performance with John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. I told him no, I was probably watching The Wiggles. He ushered me to go back and check it out, describing how perfect John Mayer played over Ed Sheeran. What he was essentially describing was something guitar players... Read more »

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Go Cheek To Cheek On The Grammys

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Didn’t get to watch the Grammy’s last night as priorities took precedence. You see, the thing about kids is, they have to be fed and bathed…every night. So, I missed this incredible live performance by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. I loved this record, especially the song “Nature Boy.” I read many opinions about Cheek... Read more »

"Brewed the Easy Way?" Ninkasi Brewing Spoofs Super Bowl Commercial 

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First we heard that Ninkasi Brewing spoofed the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. And I cracked up. I love the part of the video where the guy pours out a Bud on his head with no facial expression at all. Also, it’s classic when they state “We leave the beechwood out!” Now we find out that... Read more »