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Tom Loxas, lead writer


Loxas, formerly of Cubs Den, Chi-Ball, Loxas Factor authors many stories based on tip-offs, using his connections with industry, media, and team insiders.

Loxas is most known for being the first to break the story of Mark Cuban being eliminated in his bid to purchase the Chicago Cubs in September of 2008, some two months before the Chicago Sun-Times ran the story. Loxas was also first to report Dan McNeil's return to WSCR.

Loxas reports have been featured on Deadspin, Chicago, and lauded by Matt Spiegel and Dan Bernstein of WSCR 670 am, Dave Kaplan of Comcast/ The Game 87.7 FM, Marc Silverman of ESPN am 1000, and Jon Greenberg of


Evan Altman, lead writer


Altman spent his formative years watching Cubs baseball, playing various sports, and trying to get girls to like him as more than just a friend. All of these led to constant frustration and disappointment.

He attended Hanover College, where he pursued an English degree and earned the Meese Literary Award, given to the student most likely to succeed in creative writing.

After spending roughly a dozen years not living up to the award, Altman was spurred to write again and has contributed on a freelance basis to both Yahoo Sports and Cubs Prospect Watch.

His dry sarcasm and vast knowledge of obscure pop culture are frequently on display as he works through his nature as a self-loathing Cubs apologist.


Tommy Cook


Born into a family thick with Cubs fans in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Tommy has been following the Cubs for as long as he can remember. Baseball has remained one of his passions even after stepping off the mound for the final time years ago; his love for the game has since manifested itself through following all levels of professional baseball and writing about the game with his cousin Kenny at

Tommy is currently a student at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, where he's studying Civil Engineering. You'll find him this summer in the stands in Kane County and other Midwest League ballparks.


AJ Walsh


Most of the words AJ Walsh writes are about the Alabama economy, weirdly enough. But he's also been blogging about the Cubs since 2008.

AJ's writing was featured on "Goat Riders of the Apocalypse", A Cubs blog that was also once a part of the Chicago Now Network.



Justin Jabs


Jabs is a Chicago Cubs fan living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His passions include baseball and writing, so naturally, he's a blogger. In addition to contributing pieces to Cubs Insider, Jabs writes about the Cubs and Brewers on his personal website,

In between writing, watching, and tweeting about baseball, Jabs works part-time as a cashier at a local grocery store. He loves chatting and interacting with fellow fans of the game.


Brian Bedo


Brian grew up a Cubs, Bulls and Bears fan in Northwest Suburban Chicago. Upon his graduation for Bradley University in 2007, Bedo served as the broadcast intern for the Peoria Chiefs (former Cubs Midwest League affiliate) for a pair of seasons. Since then, Bedo spent time as a producer for Cubs and Blackhawks games on WGN Radio and as a host for UIC basketball on ESPN 1000. Currently, he is the television play-by-play voice of Bradley Braves basketball and resides in Lakeview area with his wife Sarah and Bernese Mountain Dog Zoey.

Brian is an executive producer for 87.7 FM The Game.


Gunther Dabynsky


A teacher by day and blogger by night. He does both jobs poorly. He has a deep love for Mark Bellhorn, whether jokingly or otherwise is still undetermined.

Some of his work can be found at the fellow Chicago Now blog World Series Dreaming.


Kenny Dziukala


Small town kid growing up on the Illinois-Wisconsin border in a family full of Cubs fans. I have a strange man crush on Jim Edmonds. Enjoy baseball much more now that I have stopped playing. Career HR total of 4 (2 over the fence). Thoroughly enjoy cheap beer, well almost all beer. Will eventually be a sports memorabilia and MLB hat hoarder. Love talking and writing about Cubs baseball.

Currently a student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Studying Radio-TV-Film in hopes to have a career in baseball broadcasting.

Baseball tweeting=@shadowofwrigley



Following graduation from an esteemed liberal arts college that smelled of cigarette smoke and patchouli, a child was born. Armed with a degree in communications/print journalism and facing a terrible job market, this young go-getter went on to a storied career that took him to some of the seediest bars from coast to coast, not to mention China, India and points between.

Those knowledge borne of those travels continues to shape him, especially when it comes to the Cubs. Hurt in 1984. Crushed in 2003. Numb in 2007. Comatose in 2008. Yet continuing to believe and still, no matter what, just loving watching and experiencing the great game of baseball.
Opinionated? Sure. Always right? Hardly. Simply enjoying the ride, commenting on it for your (dis)pleasure and hoping you will find the ride just as fun.

The blog avatar is the work of fav Wrigley Photog Will Byington.