Javy Baez Brings "It" Back To Cubs Baseball

Javy Baez Brings "It" Back To Cubs Baseball

Tonight it returns.

It really hasn't been there for the better part of the last five years of watching Cubs baseball.

Sure there have been some exceptions, like the call-up of Anthony Rizzo and even recently with the arrival of Arismendy Alcantara. However, this promotion of Javy Baez will make the Cubs once again not only a fun watch, but quite possibly appointment television. The aforementioned it is actual excitement over Cubs baseball.

I vividly remember the electricity Baez generated in some of those evening Spring Training games aired on the MLB Network back in March. That excitement returns tonight in Colorado, and it will reverberate all the way to Chicago.

I had always wanted the Cubs to go young.

There was always a little bit of envy that I've harbored towards teams that built through their farm system. In the 80's, it was teams like the Expos and Dodgers. In the 90's, it was the Indians and even the Yankees. Most recently the Marlins and Rays always seem to have endless supplies of young talent pumping through their organization.

So when Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer landed in Chicago and described their plan to go young with the Cubs, there was a collective excitement felt by many.

Unfortunately, that excitement quickly gave way to despair. The cupboard was pretty bare of young talent when this regime took over. The call-ups of both Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson caused a very minor blip on the radar.

The reality quickly set in that Cubs fans would have to stomach retreads and roster fillers such as Donnie Murphy and Cody Ransom instead of watching actual young, promising players develop.

That time is in the rearview mirror.

The future is now right in front of these Cubs. There are actual young, talented players that will now appear on your TV and tablets.

Starlin Castro, Rizzo, Baez, Alcantara; they will all be in the everyday lineup moving forward. At least I hope Jed has them in there, or, I mean he tells Ricky Renteria to do so. Something like that. No matter who is actually making out the lineup, it just became a lot more fun to do so.

Jorge Soler will soon be here to join in. Kris Bryant will follow suit next spring. Wins and losses will still be at odds for a short time, but this team will be worth the climb up the standings. For me, there is nothing more fun than watching your team get good.

The Cubs are back, they are a thing again. You made it through three horrendously boring years.

Sit back tonight and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I will be there right with you.


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    I agree 100% Tom! It is extremely fun to watch your team get good! Ever since Mendy came up, I feel like we're starting to get out of the starting gate. This is gonna be fun!

  • This is an exciting time. Tom, you said it best, It's like finally seeing the fruits of your labor being harvested. Alcantara was the appetizer and now Baez is like the first course in a banquet of drafted and developed talent. I can't wait to see Soler and Bryant. Thanks for the post Tom.

  • In reply to Eskimo:

    Thanks! Now I'm hungry.

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